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About Us

Scottish Debt Advice is the money advice gateway for CS Corporate Solutions. We are Chartered Accountants and regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland ("ICAS").

We are committed to giving the best advice for you. You should be aware that many money advisors, including the banks and debt management companies, have no such obligation. They will give you the best advice for them.

You are welcome to contact us for free advice. (In certain circumstances we may charge for advice, but you will always be asked to agree this in advance.) Indeed you should never have to pay for money advice when you can turn to Money Advice Scotland, your local authority and the Citizens Advice Bureau for free guidance.

Charles H. Sands is an Insolvency Practitioner ("IP") licensed by ICAS. He has been a member of ICAS since 1981 and has been authorised to act as an IP since the licensing system was introduced in 1986. He worked for "Big 4" accountancy firms for 15 years, working on major corporate and personal insolvencies in Scotland and overseas. For details of our corporate insolvency services see

If it is right for you Charles Sands will act as trustee in your sequestration (bankruptcy) or trust deed for you. That is how we are paid. If refinancing or the Debt Arrangement Scheme, a LiLa sequestration (bankruptcy) or certain other procedures are right for you then we may refer you to other agencies without making any charge.

"B.R. had been made redundant from a well-paid job and spent her redundancy package living beyond her means for several years. Her attempts to start her own business were not successful, and by the time she came to CS Corporate Solutions she had been promising - but repeatedly missing - payments to her creditors for many months. The creditors were owed £27,000. The irregular work history and lack of assets meant that sequestration was recommended. After regainiing steady work again, B.R. was able to pay £300 per month to the Accountant in Bankruptcy. B.R. and was discharged of all her debts after 3 years."