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Scottish Debt Advice

  • Are you struggling to pay bills?
  • Is your overdraft exceeded?
  • Have your credit cards reached their limit?
  • Are you receiving phone calls regarding payments?
  • Is your family life suffering due to the stresses of debt?
  • Have you considered debt consolidation?

If you are suffering from any of these debt problems there are a number of options available to you and you need to take advice FROM THE FREE DEBT ADVICE SECTOR on the following:


  • the debt arrangement scheme (which freezes interest and gives you time to pay your debts in full)
  • a protected trust deed (which writes off debt, but needs your creditors not to object)
  • sequestration - another name for bankruptcy in Scotland (which is available to everyone).
At the moment, Scottish Debt Advice is too busy with corporate insolvency and other work to give the attention we would like to provide advice to individuals on personal debt. We recommend you check with your local authority, which should be able to refer you to a money advisor, or go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau - which you can find here